Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote exceptional underground musicians from around the world in New Orleans by creating well-packaged bootleg CDRs and selling them locally for cost or giving them away for free.

Earth Crisis (demo + greatest hits)
Culture (greatest hits)
Gather (demo + vinyl + greatest hits)
Disembodied (greatest hits)
Ascension (Abomination + The Years of Fire)
Gyga (greatest hits)
Tragedy (seven inches)
Catharsis (Samsara)
Wolves in the Throne Room (demos)
Leech (Black Hymns + The First Book of the Kings + unreleased)
Ian MacKaye (lecture at Tulane University)
Erin Tobey (demo + compilation tracks + live)
Snuggle (demo + vinyl)
Witches with Dicks (demos + comp tracks)

1 comment:

rayss said...

id like to hear that ian McKay lecture. thanks.