Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Carrie Nations demo and live sets

One time my friend Scott Beecher was coming through New Orleans on tour with the Carrie Nations who were playing a show at Nowe Miasto with This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. Not really a fan of Pipe Bomb, I went to the show to hang out with him and support Nowe Miasto. Am I glad that I did. Carrie Nations totally blew me away, and I wound up having their demo in my car on repeat for the next couple of weeks. Later on, I ended up doing a few shows for them in New Orleans, playing with them in Athens, and helping out some of their other bands. They broke up in early July of 2005, and I saw their last set in Athens where they basically played every single song they knew. It was amazing. Their other bands: American Cheeseburger (John), Dark Meat (Forest), Hot New Mexicans (Ian), and Welcome Home Nemo (Ian's solo thing which he was actually doing before Carrie Nations broke up as well). The picture above was taken by Eric Martinez on February 6th, 2003 at the show they played at the 829 House in Baton Rouge with the Robinsons.

Farming Communities
Former Babies
Dumpsters as Providers of...

The Carrie Nations Are Ready to Party live CDR:
Red Dawn
Bad Ideas, Brick Walls
Tri County Vampires
Ready to Party
Top Gun
Hell to Pay / Farming Communities
Sofa King
Former Babies / Red Dawn
Top Gun
Raving Notion / Civalivinded

old interview that also has two mp3s from Be Still

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