Sunday, March 30, 2008

His Hero is Gone, Medicine demo

I saw His Hero is Gone in New Orleans in 1997 or 1998 at a tiny warehouse space off MLK called The Temple of the Becoming. Andon did a reunion show to open, and that in and of itself was pretty insane--with them thinking Shaggy wasn't going to show up, and him running in the door at the last possible second and grabbing the mic just as the vocals to the first song were supposed to kick in. He ended up puking in front of the stage after their set. So then His Hero is Gone plays. And they were amazing. And after that, these crazy bywater-style circus freak weirdos start putting all kinds of metal rods in the face and lighting the ends on fire, swinging a flaming ball and chain around the small space just inches from folks' faces. I only wish I had heard more of His Hero is Gone before seeing them live--like so many amazing bands who I would catch live before really getting into, Avail, Dropdead, Tragedy, etc--I would've flipped out if I had only seen them a year later.

For people who don't know anything about His Hero is Gone, they were from Memphis, Tennessee and played music that was dark and heavy. This is real hardcore. Ex-members of Copout, Man With Gun Lives Here, and Face Down. Folks from this band went on to be in Tragedy, From Ashes Rise,Deathreat, Call the Police, Dimilaia, Warcry, and Union of Uranus.

uncut live set at the Shelter Club in Tokyo, February 18th a long time ago

Medicine demo tape
Like Hell
View from a Holding Cell
Ghosts of Regret
The Oracle
Of Thieves
Thank Your Lover in Sincerity
Bombs Away

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