Saturday, March 22, 2008

Greyskull demo

One Christmas I got an email from a guy named Adam from a band from Tacoma, Washington called Greyskull. They were touring with Bafabegiya from Reno. They wanted a show on Christmas night, and some friends were already throwing a show at the infamous Dixie Taverne. I explained to them ahead of time that it was a bar show, but that they didn't card and that this was well known, so the show was all ages for all intents and purposes. Well, when they got there, someone was carding, so they were basically like "F this s!" and left. I think they tried calling me, but this was before I broke straightedge and had a cel phone. So they took off, and that was that. Until I moved to Oakland following the hurricane. I went and saw both bands open for Requiem at Gilman St., and dude from Bafabegiya got up and said "I love Gilman, blabbidle blah blah. You know, New Orleans just got hit by this hurricae or whatever, and it might never get rebuilt. We tried to go there once and the show wasn't all ages, so we didn't play. So who cares if New Orleans ever gets rebuilt? F it. Gilman rules." What a cracker.

Well, throughout all this tom foolery, I finally got to meet Adam from Greyskull who is sometimes awkward, but definitely a swell dude. Greyskull pretty much blew me away. It was like the second coming of Catharsis even more so than with Die Young. After this demo, they did a few splits, and had recorded a full length LP that was going to be released on Crimethinc. But they had some kind of band drama and broke up instead. Adam is now in Marrow, Tony is in Marrow and Owen Hart, Stephen is in Graf Orlock (and he also played in Owen Hart for a minute, I think), and Jules played in Elphaba. The picture above is by Seth from Mohoram Atta. The tracks below are from Greyskull's 2004 demo.

Rainbow Glitter Unicorn vs Rambo Nuclear Uniform
The End Result of Four Years in Temp Labor
Vegan Death Squad
When You Use the Word Gay as a Pejorative, You Sound Like a Big Fucking Idiot


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! I live with half of those dudes. I miss Greyskull, but I'm glad you're giving props to their current bands too.

e.w. said...

is the full length they recorded available online anywhere? id kill to hear it!