Monday, March 10, 2008

Mohoram Atta demo

I caught Mohoram Atta at one of the first shows I went to in Santa Cruz after moving out to the west coast. It was a pretty amazing show with Requiem, Greyskull, Gather, and Burial Year on the university campus in some small room. This is some brutal, dark stuff for fans of His Hero is Gone, Catharsis, etc. Randy from Gather used to be the second singer (he's on the demo), but he's moved on to the hobo life of travel. Mike Wreck has played in a bunch of other bands--Elliott Fucking Smith, Fell Voices, and tons more that I can't remember. And I know one of their guitar players is in some bro-hardcore band that I saw, but I can't remember their name either.

Cracked Face of a Megalith
Judgment Rising
Haud Caritas
Unfulfilled Hopes in Standard
Cursings for Disobediance
Violence, Internalized

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