Friday, March 21, 2008

Tragic Girls End Up Like This unreleased LP

When Shanga was first telling me about her new band, I think she said something about them being a hardcore band, or maybe just that they were hardcore. Anyway, I had this image in my mind of some sick ass all girl band, combining elements of the grindy late 90s screamo and the dark and chaotic late 90s hardcore. Unfortunately, Tragic Girls End Up Like This are more in the indie rock Sleater Kinney vein. Oh, well. They still ruled. The band featured Erin (Ovary Action), Sarah (Ovary Action), Shanga (Ovary Action pretty much), Emily (Hatchback), Cassia (New Bloods, My True Love) and Laine. This recording was done just a little bit before they broke up by James Whitten and Eric Martinez. It also features Amy Martinez on cello, I think.

Man of God
Till Something Breaks
Dance Song
The Death of Me

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Elhaj said...

I don't know who's running this blog, but it's great. I was in this band, and I was hoping to get a couple tracks featured here that I have lost over the years.

Let me know, my email should be attached. Thanks!