Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The City is the Tower demo

Nathan Jesse lived here for a while with Jonathan West (Ghostwood, Gathered Here, etc.); then he moved back to his hometown of Albuquerque to be with his 12-year-old Christian girlfriend and "go to school." That didn't last, but he eventually finished college out there with a sweet degree in Philosophy and a love for straightedge hero Friedrich Nietzsche. In between all that he was in a pretty tight band called The City is the Tower. They were sort of sassy screamo, maybe influenced by a lot of that Level Plane stuff--but actually really, really good. There were plenty of great sing along parts, but not overdoing it the way bands like Comadre might, and they also still delivered on high energy and emotion. Nathan would eventually return to his real home in New Orleans, and Rob would move out to Boston to play drums for Constants. There's talk of CJ moving out here, but who knows? And where is Nathan? Is he still representing the ABQ, bee-yotch? Well, even though these guys are all split up across the country, they just played at South by Southwest, and they're meeting up in Albuquerque this summer to write and record new songs for split seven inches with Drowning with Our Anchors (San Francisco) and Thou (Baton Rouge). And after that, they plan on touring Europe in July 2009. Here are the five songs from their Party Ideas demo.

Hey, Uh... Could You Please Tell Your Dickhead Friend to Shut Up?
Dr. Whistletooth, D.D.S.
Wait, What the Fuck is a Panthomy?
Fhore or SSS-Hicks
Yuma, Yama, Yoma

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