Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rougarou demo

Rougarou is pretty much my favorite band in New Orleans right now. There are a lot of good pop bands playing out these days--Black Belt, Ruben, Mad-E Ruthless, Attack the Gas Station, Further Reasoning--but I definitely think Rougarou is the best. They sound like everything you would love about poppy 90s alternative music channeled through a bunch of contemporary punks. And you can really tell that Paul listens to country and bluegrass. And Zegota. This is an allstar cast of musicians: Paul (The Critics, Paul Thibodeaux), Eric (Red Beards, Chopsley, etc.), Melissa (MCA), and Adam (Days Off). This demo was recorded to four-track by the band with some help from Greg Stein. They were recorded to tape and packed in wooden numbers each having a unique, handwritten message.

Frozen Bones
Success Approximation
Jefferson Parish
Even Flow

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